HK Soft Tissue Therapies
Heather Wilson
Soft Tissue & Structural Therapist
Phone: 07946 557 263

The Treatment Session

Most people can benefit from bodywork regardless of their age, fitness and health.
During your first session there will be a consultation.  During that discussion we can assess your specific goals, the relevant background to the problem, a medical history and try to gain some insight into your lifestyle, stress levels and emotional state.
Every treatment is unique and tailored to your needs.

It may be necessary to undress down to underwear/shorts; however towels or a blanket can be used to maintain your dignity and comfort. Your comfort is fundamental throughout a session so it is crucial to feedback about the pressure of the techniques and positional comfort.
Most techniques are better to be applied directly to the skin, and it may be necessary to use a medium e.g. wax or cream to assist the strokes.  

Having time out from our often busy and challenging lives is very important.
A massage session is the perfect way to give your mind and body space to breathe and relax. You may find that your tensions ease leading to greater clarity of thought, better sleep and an increased sense of wellbeing.